How to paid?

1. In cash, tickets, at the ATM. It does not give change in cash, but it gives it in bouchers to be used in the next purchase.

2. Credit cards , Visa or Mastercard, from the touch screen at the pump itself or at. the ATM.


Is there a different fuel from Low Cost conventional gas stations ?

The product always comes from the terminals approved by the State Customs , where its purity is guaranteed approved


They provide less fuel than reported by the customer?

The dispensers are verified by the Ministry of Industry every year. The supplier holds the supporting sticker


How I can get fill the vehicle tank full ?

If payment is made by credit card, select an amount exceeding that considers fit.

Request ticket to finalize and appear the amount actually delivered loaded on the card.

If payment is in cash , remember not give change .


What if I miscalculated and my tank is filled before expected?

If payment is made by credit card, when applying ticket verify that the amount charged is supplied (not selected )

If you paid cash on the screen press ticket cashier and issue a “check back” with a code, to recover the amount in the near refueling (within 2 months).


How to get invoices if I ‘m self-employed or company ?

If you have Benzoil card, automatically receive each month end.

You can apply at the same website.


What are the advantages Benzoyl my card ?

You will get your invoice simplified, getting only one every month and showing the supply to each vehicle.


What do I do if I have a problem at the station? Who do I call?

Call us at Customer indicated in the station (24 hours) 653 44 63 51